Bird Watchers -
Spring/Summer at Robins

At last the swallows and martins are back and it is heart-lifting to see the first arrivals cleaving the air over the garden and river. No swifts yet but we wait expectantly. It has been a hard and prolonged winter but now the sunshine has filled the garden with birdsong----from very early morning until late in the evening.

There are goldfinches, chaffinches, longtailed, great and blue tits with the robins and sparrows at the feeders. Blackbirds and thrushes proclaim from the treetops. All last years species seem to have survived the weather. A pair of bluetits have built a nest beneath the kitchen window of Robins and are already rushing to and fro feeding their young.

The bittern is still among the rushes near the RSPB offices but still alone unfortunately. Two barn owns do a 'fly past' most evening at Judas Gap----nesting in the old barn on the RSPB Reserve on the other side of the river; most evenings bats swoop round the house as soon as it is dusk.

Flatford Wild Life Garden goes from strength to strength----they are busily preparing to be part of Gardener's World Live in June and have installed nest boxes with nest cams, as in Springwatch.

Lapwings are nesting on the opposite side of the river and, if you are lucky, kingfishers are to be seen at Judas Gap. All we need now is a beautiful summer !